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Pol Pot suicide

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Pol Pot (brother #1) did not die a peaceful death like some people & sites claim, especially the uncertain and often incorrect Wikipedia! Let all Cambodians who lost family members and friends know that this heinous war criminal truly killed himself! He was born on 19 May 1925, in Prek Sbauv, Cambodia; died on 15 April 1998, in Anlong Veng District, Cambodia. Pol Pot, born Saloth Sar, was a Cambodian socialist revolutionary who led the Khmer Rouge from 1963 until 1997, when he was imprisoned!

Pol Pot died in the forest (where he and his associates were hiding), never admitting that he did anything wrong to Cambodia. Pol Pot killed himself with poison he drank, mainly to avoid trial. His insane visions for Cambodia did not come true. He was about to be handed over to War Crimes Court by his own group. Let this good news help and bring relief to families of his victims. At the time he died he was serving house arrest for life. His own group imprisoned him for life for killing one of its members and his family.

On his death face, there were signs of suffering/agony, he had one eye open. Pol Pot was cremated without any ceremony & fanfare. After he died, some misguided people started praying to him, like he was a god. Some even dug up parts of his bones and took them away like special amulets and charms.

Pol Pot, known as "brother #1", died on April 15 1998, around 22:29, a few hours short of April 17 1975, when he attacked Cambodia and forcefully drove many people out of their homes. He died at the age of 72. His father had been 73 when he died.

His hair samples, finger nails were taken for analysis & they proved Pol Pot really killed himself. He said history will judge him but he was already judged, he also judged himself by killing himself to avoid war crimes/genocide trials. Brother #2 Nuon Chea, brother #4 Khieu Samphan have been convicted of crimes against humanity & genocide & have been sentenced to prison for life!!![1]
Brother #3 Ieng Sary died in prison while waiting for trial to commence[2] Brother number #5 Ta Mok, died in prison while awaiting trial[3]. People were enslaved by murderous Khmer Rogue regime from April 17 1975 to January 7 1979. Then Vietnam indaved Cambodia & got rid of murderous Khmer Rogue & its regime. For many years, the remnants of murderous Khmer Rouge hid in the jungle. By 1999, Khmer Rouge brutal & murderous regime disintegrated & it became history, many fighters joined the corrupt government!
Established in 2006, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), as the tribunal is officially known, started its first case (001) with just one suspect, Kaing Guek Eav, alias Duch, head of the notorious S-21 torture prison, where Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge murderous regime tortured and killed at least 17,000 people. It took the ECCC six years (that's very long time, it's a joke, for the crimes they did they should get death penalty) to find Duch guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes but on appeal was sentenced to life in prison in 2012!!!
In the end there was some kind of justice, especially for Pol Pot. At least something is better than nothing! Together with Pol Pot, six top ranking Khmer Rouge officials (aka the dirty half dozen + 3 more suspects are charged) received the ultimate punishment.
Pol Pot's & his murderous Khmer Rouge regime was responsible for the deaths of about 1.7 million (of their own) people!

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hqdefault.jpg PolPotDead.jpg
Dictator/Tyrant pol pot, DEAD! Picture taken on April 17 1998, exactly 23 years after he invaded Cambodia!!!