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IFC is an independent fingertip guide to the leading medical aids in South Africa. It provides an incisive online overview of each medical aid service provider with a focus on key financial indices, unique benefits and the category of beneficiary base it targets. There’s a brief synopsis of each medical aid plan together with information on the providers’ wellness programme while downloadable application forms have been integrated into the site for ease of use. A user friendly comparative tool enables quick, efficient and precise medical aid comparisons with the click of a mouse. All the medical terminology and chronic conditions have been listed online to assist clients in making an informed choice as to the best medical aid that can be tailored to individual requirements.

“IFC is driven by a passion for quality service and professionalism and we endeavour to make the process of finding a suitable medical aid package as fast and simple as possible. Our consulting services are free, and we handle all paperwork related to your medical policy and application, providing you with expert advice and after-sales service at no cost. In order to help our clients to make the best medical aid selection, we give them the tools they need to quickly and easily compare medical aid schemes, find out which medical aid services cover their chronic conditions, and advise on all aspects of joining a medical aid scheme.”

Medical Aid Comparison

In an effort to generate an unbiased medical aid comparison, IFC has developed a system whereby prospective clients can select medical aid plans - from entry level to comprehensive – that offer similar benefits from easy to use drop down boxes. In and out of hospital benefits including Overall Annual Limits, chronic benefits, GP and specialist benefits, day to day benefits and maternity care are tabulated for ease of reference together with current monthly contributions.

Medical Aid Quotes

As part of its comprehensive service, IFC offers instant medical aid quotes. Clients can either download application forms directly from the website or request a quote online. IFC consultants are at hand to process these quotes quickly and efficiently.

Top Medical Aids in South Africa

IFC has partnered with the top medical aid service providers in the country to provide as wide a choice as possible:


Discovery Health






Resultion Health / Nimas


Current financial indices such as global credit ratings, solvency & pensioner ratios and beneficiary numbers have been included where possible to reflect each medical aid’s intrinsic ability to settle claims in full and on time.

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