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Jacob Yuchtman

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Chess grandmaster Jacob Yuchtman was a Jewish Soviet-American chess champion. Like grandmaster Palos Osman, Yuchtman was from Chicago, was Illinois chess champion many times. And like Milan Momic from Alabama (that state's first bona fide chess master), Yuchtman's talents were not appreciated until posthumously.

Jacob Yuchtman, also Jacob Yukhtman (born January 14 1935, in Tashkent, Soviet Union, † 25/26 January 1985, in New York, NY, USA) was a grand chess master.

Yuchtman won the 1953 Championship of Ukraine in Kiev. His most significant success in the Soviet Union was his victory in the 1959 national championship in blitz chess. In the Ukrainian Championship of 1964, he won the second place. He won games against top world-class players like super grandmasters like Mikhail Tal (in the USSR championship of 1959 in Tbilisi), Boris Vasilievich Spassky, Viktor Korchnoi and Isaac Boleslawski. he showed true grandmaster skills level.

Beginning in the 1970s, he emigrated first to Israel and then to the USA. In the U.S., he was considered one of the strongest players.

In 1974/75, he was a member of the German Chess Bundesliga on the team of King Knight Frankfurt & defeated GM Hubner. In separate events he defeated world champion GM Tal[1].

His best ELO rating was solid 2622, he reached in April of 1960.

He undoubtedly possessed a natural and rare talent, one that particularly manifested itself in sharp positions, in which he was very resourceful and strong.

In 1975, he began to play backgammon.

He wasn't officially grandmaster or international master, because as a jew, soviets didn't allow jews to play in high profile tournaments but in reality he played like a strong grandmaster.

In his last years he was sick & he died on Januay 25/26 1985. On his death certificate it says 26h, that's wrong, that's when his body was discovered.

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