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Memories are parts of life that you truly want to remember for a long time. There are some magical moment's like that first smiles of a baby, or crying of your children, those smiles and tears are captured in the pictures. These memories can be captured and displayed for the world to see. But with the growing time those pictures fade and along with the dulling color the memory losses its momentum. Now, surely there are different ways to capture your memories on frame. However, photo blankets hold on to those memories for life <a href="">mulberry alexa bags</a>. It is an excellent procedure to keep your true feelings safe years after years. Actually, the major difference between a picture and a photo blanket is the upkeep of the product. You can use normal blanket also, but surly a picture will make your blanket more stunning and attracting. You can use any photograph on the blanket. Whether, it is your wedding pictures, birthday, picnic or little baby. When choosing your photographs just try to choose high quality photos. Once the digital or film image is printed onto paper, the disintegration begins <a href="">mulberry bayswater bags</a>. Generally, the air and cleaning chemicals and dust deteriorate the colors and paper. The photo blanket, however, can be machine washable. You can wash it for several times. These are long lasting and the color will never fade away. But make sure that, when washing a photo blanket, this is really crucial to never use chlorine bleach. The colors are perfectly matched to the original picture and will fade away with the use of bleach <a href="">mulberry tote bags</a>. When choosing the pictures for the photo blanket, make sure to choose bright and vibrant colors. The thing is that, bright quality images make the blanket more beautiful. You can use the image on both sides of blanket. The main image should take up the entire space of the photo without leaving a huge empty space around the edges. Lighting must face the object being photographed to create the best image. You can also design the borders of blanket with several designs. So that it represents your image with a unique manner. Actually, life is too short to forget the times we all work so hard to enjoy. Vacations laughs, wedding tears, graduation tosses and first steps deserve more than the page of a photo album or a frame on the wall. A photo blanket provides the optimal way to hold on to those photo memories for years and generations with ease of utilization and ease of care. These images truly memories you, your true feelings <a href="">Mulberry Outlet</a>. Vibrant memories deserve vibrant colors and photo blankets are created with and maintain those colors. Photo blankets are also great looking personalized gifts for your friends and relatives. These are quite safe, warm and comfortable in any season. It can be used as a lap blanket for watching television, reading story books etc. It can be used to bring attractiveness to a bedroom, or it can even be used as a travel blanket in anywhere. It is very light weighted and easy to carry.