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This is a list of Bose 2.1 home theater systems.


  • 2001 - 3-2-1 Series introduced
  • 2002 - FreeStyle introduced
  • 2003
    • 3-2-1 GS is introduced
    • FreeStyle discontinued
  • 2004
    • 321 Series II
    • 321GS Series II
  • 2005
    • 321GSX
    • CineMate introduced
  • 2006 - Bose discontinues the 321 Series II
  • 2007 - 321GSXL released in Europe
  • 2008
    • 321GS Series III
    • 321GSX Series III
    • 321GSXL Series III released in Europe
  • 2009
    • Bose discontinues the 321GSXL Series III
    • CineMate Series II
    • CineMate GS Series II

DVD Based Systems

3-2-1 series I

The Bose Corporation first introduced the 3-2-1 series in 2001 with the 3-2-1[1]. It has the ability to simulate surround sound from two speakers. The first series had a CD-DVD player, AM-FM radio, two Array speakers, and an Acoustimass module for bass.[2]

Later the 3-2-1 GS was introduced with improved speakers called the Gemstones.[3]

321 series II

In 2004, Bose redesigned the 3-2-1 series and released the 321 Series II with two versions: one with the original Array speakers and another with the Gemstone speakers. The Series II systems add progressive DVD playback, a universal remote, BoseLink (so BoseLinked-enabled Lifestyle systems can send audio directly to them), and improved acoustics. In addition to that, the amplifier is now located in the bass module, allowing the media center to be smaller and requiring the speakers to connect directly to the Acoustimass module.

The 321 GS Series II included the Gemstone speakers achieves higher volume levels, more clarity and better surround sound.[4][5]

Bose also added the 321GSX in 2005, which uses the Gemstone speakers and adds uMusic, giving it the ability to store 200 hours of music. uMusic is called an intelligent playback system because it ranks the music stored on the system by ones listing habits by +/- buttons, and if a person listens to a song all the way through. Through these steps it is supposed to learn ones musical tastes.[6]. On November 2007 bose released the 321GSXL in Europe that has the ability to store 340 hours of music. It has music already pre-loaded with 3 presets created called party, hits and relax .[7][8].

321 series III

On July 31st 2008 Bose released the series III version with an HDMI connection and 1080p output, making it an upscaling DVD player.[9][10][11]

Speaker package


In 2002 the Freestyle system was introduced. Using the same Array speakers as the 3-2-1 it did not have a media center but a IR receiver with 3 different audio inputs one RCA (labeled Video), one Digital Coax (labeled Aux), and one Fiber optic (labeled Game). It also came with a credit card remote with power, volume controls and source buttons correlating to the audio input.[12]

CineMate series I

In 2005 Bose added a new speaker system called the CineMate. It used the same Array speakers as the 321II and much like the previous FreeStyle system it did not have the media center but a IR receiver. But this time the CineMate had only the single RCA audio connection and a universal remote control. The idea of this system was for people to connect all their video/audio sources to their TV and use the TV's RCA audio out into the CineMate.[13]

CineMate series II

On October 27th 2009 Bose updated their CineMate series. Probably due to the fact that more HDTV's are starting to have only digital audio outputs (no analog out) the CineMate Series II now has a fiber optic input and a RCA input on the back of the IR receiver. Also a bass knob was added to the subwoofer to allow the users to increase or decrease the bass.

Now there are two different versions of the CineMate; The CineMate series II using the Array speakers and a simple 4 button remote (power, volume +/- & mute) and The CineMate GS series II which uses the Gemstone speakers and a universal remote.


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