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Airpura Air Purifiers for Police Property Evidence Rooms

Aspergillus is one of the main health threats in evidence rooms. Aspergillus is a mold thriving on decaying plants and soil including marijuana.

It is a major problem in evidence storage that's further compounded when plants with damp roots are stored in plastic bags.

Although many law enforcement agencies deal with marijuana on a daily basis many are not familiar with aspergillus and the possible health risks associated with it.

Combating Aspergillus with Activated Carbon + HEPA Filtration + Ultra Violet

Marijuana that appears to be completely dry could have 5-15% moisture content.

Small amounts of stored marijuana can become a source for dangerous microorganisms.

An air scrubber with activated carbon, HEPA filtration and an Ultra Violet Lamp offers protection, removing airborne mold spores and mycotoxins.

Airpura's UV 600 air purifier with ultra violet lamp is a good choice.

The Ultra Violet lamp will kill spores by destroying their DNA.

The UV600 has a 2 inch deep 18 lb. carbon filter for adsorbing airborne chemicals and odors. A 40 sq. ft. HEPA filter captures airborne particles as small as .3 microns with 99.97% efficiency.

Spores are larger than .3 microns.

Spores will not grow inside the air purifier.

Air enters from all sides and exits from the top.

This provides 360° all around air intake and distribution.

This airflow avoids noisy turbulence associated with many air purifiers.

The UV600 has a variable speed motor. You may fine tune noise by dialing the speed.

The UV600 delivers 350 cubic feet of clean air per minute on its highest speed.

This will clean the air volume in a 600 sq. ft. room with 9 foot ceiling 4 times per hour.

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