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MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy — Wednesday June 26, 2019
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Boxrec.com is full of crap. They cant even put the correct dates of births & deaths of the boxers. Stupid boxrec.com bastard admibistrators include indifferent, cold fags: wouter, ric marshall, marina sheppard, john sheppars, matt tegen, brett. They are very rude & arrogant, hardcore egocentric egoist bastards! They themselves claim their boxrec content may have many mistakes, so do not trust boxrec at all, stay away from that pure unchecked, unsourced crap! It took these boxrec, boxrecidiots 15 years to change Rocky Graziano's birthday to 1/1/1919 as is on his tomb! What bunch of stupid, ignorant, no good lowlifes administrators just like on wikipedia aka wikipedoia! Many users complain about it!!!

boxrec store

Dont buy anything from boxrec store!!! All the junk they sell is in very bad condition, nothing but dirty, smelly, used stuff!!! Their prices are insanely high too!!! Don't be sorry, stay away from boxrecpedoia!!!