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Sultan Abdulhamid II

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Sultan Abdulhamid II or Abdul Hamid II was responsible for Assyrian genocide between 1894-1896 in Turkey, where almost 500 000 Assyrians (Assyrian Genocide) & other Christians died.

Sultan Abdülhamid II, who ruled over the Ottoman Empire for a period of 33 years when it was in decline was imprisoned by members of the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) soon after his dethronement. When the Balkan Wars started in 1912, he was deposed and was confined to Beylerbeyi Palace. Sultan Abdülhamid II spent six years there until his death in 1918. The palace became a prison for the sultan, one of the last rulers of the Ottoman Empire.

Sultan Abdülhamid II passed away in the palace on Feb. 10 1918. It was claimed that the sultan died due to stress. At least there was some justice for the tyrant/dictator in the end!

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