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The Editorial Review Board or (ERB) is Centiare's official sanctioning body that determines whether, and which, Main Space articles are to be protected and attributed to their respective contributing author(s). The ERB currently consists of the two co-developers of Centiare, plus one additional member who serves as a tie-breaking vote, if necessary. These three members will serve until the end of 2007, after which they hope to be replaced by more credentialed professional editors and/or scholars.

Nomination process

The purpose of the ERB is to reward the work of patient, thoughtful contributors who understand the importance and value of adding high-quality, Neutral point-of-view (NPOV) content to Centiare, but who wish to see the fruit of their work go undisturbed by other editors.

The Editorial Review Board will look for and expect four important criteria to be filled by nominated pages:

  1. The topic shall be about an entity, action, event, or process that does not have standing in a court of law.
  2. The article shall include multiple relevant, accurate reference citations to noteworthy publications.
  3. Any personal conflict of interest or bias of the author shall be deprecated in favor of a neutral point-of-view.
  4. Content must not plagiarize other published works; except that the author(s) of the article may reconstitute their own previous copyrighted material, if they choose.

Main Space articles meeting these criteria may be nominated by their primary author(s) to the ERB on this project's Discussion page. Every weekend, the Board will consider each active nomination and either approve the article as a "winner", return it for additional improvements, or reject it.

Benefits for winners

An article selected for recognition by the ERB will incorporate a semantic tag to record and relate the work to the pertinent author's Directory Space listing. We hope that this will bring the author(s) the added fame of being contacted by reporters, bloggers, scholars, and other interested parties who wish to learn more about the subject. As with any Main Space article, the author is welcome to use Amazon.com Associates links to identify their reference sources. No other advertising should be deployed.

Catalog of winners

The table below lists the winning articles and authors recognized to date by the ERB:

<ASK Mainlabel="Article" Header="show" Link="all"> + Authors Code </ASK>

Certification of winners

The ERB Cup

A winning article approved by the ERB will be appended with the image of the ERB Cup and the following comment:

ARTICLE TITLE was selected by the Centiare Editorial Review Board and was written by the following contributor(s):

The ERB Cup image and the above comment should not be used in unauthorized form anywhere else in Centiare.