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Film Crave

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FilmCrave is a social/movie website that can best be described as a combination of facebook.com/myspace.com, rottentomatoes.com, imdb.com, and the old ymdb.com. Anyone is eligible to join with a valid email address. Members can consist of all age groups and genders sharing a common enjoyment for both entertaining and artistic forms of film. It is also known as filmcrave.com


Originally planned by two of the creators as a personal movie review site, it quickly expanded into the idea of a full use social utility revolving around writing movie reviews, members’ favorite movie lists, and the ability to make and interact with friends.

In 2005 the original concept was to be called take2review in which both Alex and Josh (co-creators) were trying to publish movie reviews based on their taste of film. The initial goal was to publish enough movie reviews from themselves that they would eventually be posted on rottentomatoes.com. Alex and Josh graduated college in separate years delaying talks and the final details of the website.

In may of 2006 with both parties having graduated and moved to the Kansas City Metro Area, they began discussions of another kind of movie website, one in which members could join, write reviews, and create movie lists. As plans progressed and became more complicated, a web developer would be needed as both Alex and Nick specialized in design and marketing.

After 4 months of planning, the new website idea became known as filmcrave.com. With most initial plans complete, they joined partnership with Nick, a web developer who had business experience. As of March 2007, Filmcrave.com is in the testing stage and is rumored to be released to the public in May of 2007.

Filmcrave.com is currently accepting advertising opportunities and site wide sponsorships. Membership is expected to increase exponentially in the next 5 months.


Film Crave is owned and operated by Media Power, LLC (MO). The owners of Media Power, LLC are Alex, Josh, and Nick, which formed in March of 2007. Media Power specializes in the creation of design, web development, technology, and innovative solutions.

While only 3 people operate the business activities of the site there are several programming and writing contributors. Kipp is a software engineer who has frequently contributed to the sites code as well as its internal movie database. Chris has been instrumental in writing movie reviews and editing content for the site. Numerous other friends and family have contributed to the site in design, content, and opinion stances.

Functions and site Abilities

Non members are allowed to browse the sites contents such as “top movie lists,” “recent member reviews,” “movies coming soon,” “in theater,” and a special "Film Spotlight" article which features a weekly column talking about special people in film, or special films.

Members are allowed to have full access to all the sites properties and content – with no fee. One can create a top 50 movie list, create and talk to friends by commenting on their profile, lists, reviews and other areas of the site. Members can write full or capsule (small reviews of less than 250 characters) and rate any given movie in the filmcrave database.

Many top movie lists are compiled based on all the member's lists and previous rating of each movies. The main list being the "Top Movies of all time" which is a list of 100 great movies. The other lists include "Top Action Films", "Worst Horror Films", "Movies I own" and many others.