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David Boothroyd (born 9 November 1972) is a councillor for Westminster's Westbourne ward. He previously worked for John Battle, MP for Leeds West, and was as a research assistant for Ian Lucas, MP for Wrexham, after the 2001 general election. As a member of the council's planning committee, he condemned ordinances prohibiting gay businesses from flying the rainbow flag[1][2] and once ordered the removal of graffiti by well-known British artist Banksy.[3]

He is the Head of Research and Office for Indigo Public Affairs, a company specialising in urban regeneration schemes and lobbying for planning consent, where he edited the company elections blog and councils list.

He created controversy in 2009 when it was discovered that he edited Wikipedia under the user names Dbiv, Fys, and Sam Blacketer and eventually became part of the site's policy-enforcing Arbitration Committee. A Labour Party member, Boothroyd drew attention for having used sockpuppets in the course of obtaining his position and for having edited the article of Conservative Party leader David Cameron.[4]

He is the author of United Kingdom Election Results and Politico's Guide to The History of British Political Parties, a guide to British elections since 1832.

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