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Gregory Kohs was a contributor to the Comcast Business Community website. Kohs was actively writing blog posts there in 2014 and 2015. Archived copies of these articles are documented here for posterity.




Technology makes it easier to be productive without being in the office, and working remotely has become routine for many employees. We wanted to know how prevalent it is today. We tackled the question from two perspectives....

When it comes to choosing a Point of Sale (POS) system, there are numerous options available to buyers. We surveyed over 640 business professionals to learn more about implementing a POS system in a business setting. This data can be helpful whether you’re trying to determine whether or not a POS system is right for your business, or if you’re trying to decide which features to include...

More often than not in today’s business landscape, the word ”security” is used in reference to technology. Is your data secured from a natural disaster or disruptive event? Is your network secured from a potential breach? These are the questions that businesses typically ask themselves when it comes to security. However, with so much emphasis put on the security of virtual networks and infrastructure, have businesses forgotten about securing their physical office spaces? We surveyed 117 business panelists to learn how they’re taking measures to provide on-premises security for their businesses...'

Since it’s in the general nature of many home-based businesses (HBB) to cloister most of the work tasks in the owner’s home (or in a very small office), it can often be a challenge for those business owners to gain access to other business professionals for tips, advice, or general consultation...