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Automotive Solutions Mobile
Automotive Solutions Mobile logo
Slogan We Bring the Garage to You!
Type Private Company
Headquarters Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Key people Jerome Kearney, CEO
Industry General Automotive Repair
Contact 4615 S 16th St
Phonix, AZ 85040-0000
Web: Solution-Automotive.com
Reference NAICS: 81111
Region: Maricopa County
Latitude: 33°24'15.336"
Longitude: -112°02'56.2632"

Automotive Solutions Mobile is a mobile automotive services company that provides services all over Phoenix. The company has been active since 2012 and has built a good reputation with customers for delivering services where needed. The company’s core business model is to bring the repair services towards the customer instead of requiring them to come to the garage or the shop. It has been steadily growing for years. The company is well known in the area due to its well-reviewed and trusted services.

Difference from a normal automobile shop

The company provides many different services. It is especially useful for people whose cars suddenly come to a halt. Normally, people have to contact a towing company first which then tows the car to an automobile repair shop. The problem with this approach is that it costs a lot to tow the car and results in a lot of time wasted. The towing vehicle first leaves the shop, comes to the place where the car broke down, then has to tow the broken down vehicle all the way to the shop. When the work is done, the driver then might have to return to the location where the car broke down.

Automotive Solutions brings the tools it can to the location where the vehicle broke down. In most cases, the vehicle breakdown is due to a small problem such as a blown spark plug or a discharged battery. Vehicles can be jump started and minor issues are then diagnosed on the spot. This saves a lot of time as well as money for the customers. They do not have to get their car towed which saves money, and they don’t have to take their vehicle to the repair shop which saves a lot of time. By providing services at the total leisure of the customer, Automotive Solutions Mobile gets customers what they want right at their homes or on the side of the road.

The mobile unit of the business does not perform major work on the vehicles. The serious tools are back at the garage just like a normal automobile shop, and any customer who needs to have work done on their vehicle that cannot be done on the spot can send the vehicle to the shop.


The Automotive Solutions Mobile business provides many different useful services for vehicle owners. When the driver does not know what is causing the issue, they can come and provide diagnostics. They can let the driver know what the issue is and can also let them know if the vehicle can be fixed right there on the spot, or require a towing to the auto repair shop.

Brake lines sometimes get damaged, or the lack of brake fluid can make them perform poorly. Instead of driving with the risk of loose brakes, drivers can have their brakes diagnosed on the spot. Any small issues like a burnt or cut line or the lack of brake fluid can be fixed on the spot providing immediate relief and safety.

Roadside assistance of all types is provided. If the keys are left in the vehicle and the driver is locked out, Automotive Solutions Mobile will come and unlock the doors. Jump starts are also possible for engines which just need a little push to start working again.

Services are provided by expert mechanics. The company was founded by an ex airline mechanic who has over 15 years experience in repairing automobiles of all types.


The company started out small. In the beginning, it only provided its services within the Phoenix area on a very limited scale. Growth due to increased demand and customers resulted in an expansion, and the business now offers its roadside assistance services over a large area. It is located on 16th Street, Phoenix, Arizona, but provides assistance even to drivers that are stuck anywhere near the Phoenix Area. Automobile Solutions Mobile has multiple people working to fulfill the needs of the drivers all around Phoenix.


Automobile Solutions Mobile is available on appointment. From Monday to Friday, they can be called during 7am to 5pm; while on Saturday, their services are available from 7am to 12 Noon.


Automotive Solutions Mobile has received great reviews from customers.[1] Long before the shop was established, a large number of people were already customers of the company and have happily carried over to using Automotive Solutions Mobile. Customer loyalty is very high. Many customers have left reviews and feedback about how quick the service is. Automobile Solutions Mobile focuses on providing services as soon as possible, which allows them to fix the customer’s problem quickly. Customers also comment on the low prices of the different services at the shop.

The most attractive aspect of the business for customers is the ease with which they can get their car repaired. Instead of taking time out to tow the car to the garage, the customer can sit at home and have the Automotive Solutions Mobile team come to their home. Once the team arrives, they will perform an assessment of the issue with the vehicle and will provide scenarios for fixing the problem as quickly as possible. The company is thought of as reliable by the consumers in Phoenix and adjoining areas.

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