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Adify Corporation
Adify logo.png
Type Privately held, indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises
Founded Template:Country data United States2005
Founder Larry Braitman, Richard Thompson and Russ Fradin
Headquarters 1000 Cherry Ave., Suite 200, San Bruno, California, Template:Country data United StatesU.S.
Key people Russ Fradin, Founder, President
Franklin Vincent, CFO
Steven Heyman, CTO
Jim Larrison, CRO
Rodney Mayers, COO
Heidi Carson, SVP, Product Management
Glenn Fishback, SVP Media Sales
Joelle Gropper Kaufman, SVP, Marketing
Artem Mikhlin, SVP Strategy & Corporate Development
Max Ochoa, General Counsel & SVP, Human Resources
Jon Prall, SVP Engineering Operation
Kevin Tan, SVP, International
Industry Internet, Media, Technology, Online Advertising
Products Adify Network Builder, Adify Media, Adify Amplified, Adify Elite Publisher Network, Adify Ad Server
Employees 124 (2009)
Contact 1 877 GO ADIFY
Reference Adify.com

Adify provides a number of online advertising-related products and services to website owners, ad network operators, advertisers and agencies. Adify is an indirectly- and wholly-owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises.

Products and services

Adify’s first major offering, Adify Network Builder, is a technology and services platform upon which customers can build and commercialize networks of websites. Adify Network Builder is most well known as a platform for major media companies and venture-backed entrepreneurs, who use the platform to aggregate and manage websites that share similar content and audiences. The resulting ad networks are known as vertical ad networks[1]. Notable vertical ad networks built using Adify Network Builder are Fidelity National Real Estate’s Cyberhomes Media Group, Hotchalk’s Hotchalk Education Network, NBC’s iVillage Total Health, Forbes’ Forbes Business & Finance Blog Network, Auto Trader’s AutoTrader.com Access, and Warner Brother’s Momlogic.

Adify’s second major offering, Adify Media, sells inventory across the networks that run on the Adify Network Builder platform. Adify Media offers advertisers and agencies a targeted audience drawn from over 12,000 websites across 180 vertical ad networks, representing approximately 73 MM unique US visitors. Since Adify Media’s launch in April 2009, advertisers that have run campaigns through Adify Media include Best Western Hotels, Eukanuba, Febreeze, HP, Microsoft, and Betty Crocker[2].

In May 2009, Adify launched the Adify Amplified Partner program to share its APIs and allow third parties to develop applications for the vertical ad network managers who use Adify Network Builder. Since Adify released its APIs, a number of advertising technology companies have begun to develop applications for the Network Builder platform, including Aggregate Knowledge, Ooyala, Rovion, and Wave2 Media Solutions.[3].

Adify also maintains its own horizontal ad network of websites, known as Adify Elite, and offers site-side ad serving.


In the summer of 2005, Silicon Valley veterans, Larry Braitman, Richard Thompson and Russ Fradin founded Adify. Shortly thereafter, they launched Adify’s first product, Adify Network Builder.

Adify gained early recognition when NBC’s venture investment fund, Peacock Equity, announced that they were launching a $250 million equity fund to invest in media and technology companies, and that the first $3 million would be invested in Adify[4].

In April 2008, Adify closed a deal to be acquired for $300 million by a wholly-owned subsidiary of global media giant, Cox Enterprises[1].

International expansion

Outside the US, Adify has offices in London, Singapore, and Berlin. International users of Adify Network Builder include:

• Motorsports Network: Founded by former MTV Japan executive, Simon Godden, Motorsports Network is the first Japanese vertical ad network built using Adify Network Builder.

• theScore.com Sports Federation: theScore.com Sports Federation was created by Score Media, which delivers sports news to 6.4 million homes across Canada.

• FT Partner Sites: UK based media company, The Financial Times, partnered with Adify to build the FT Partner Sites network to extend its reach via niche partner websites.

• AdChakra: AdChakra is becoming a significant resource for publishers and advertisers looking to capitalize on the company's 61 million impressions in India.

• Mokono Media: European mokono offers significant reach in the European blogosphere, thereby offering efficient execution of national and pan-european campaigns as well as a deep understanding of blogs and bloggers as a group.

• She Network: Swedish vertical ad network focused on reaching females who are interested in fashion and beauty.

In March 2009, Adify announced in a press release that it would expand its presence in Australia. Adify currently partners with the following Australian network builders:

• Gourmet Ads: Founded by renowned Australian Celebrity Chef, Benjamin Christie, Gourmet Ads is the first Australian vertical advertising network focused on delivering major brand advertising to food, wine and beer enthusiasts.

• The AdTorque Network: The AdTorque Network is the leading Australian automotive advertising network serving both the local and international market.

• VerticalMedia | TRAVEL: With exclusive partnerships with some of Australia’s largest travel sites, VerticalMedia | TRAVEL is Australia's only travel focused vertical ad network and is one of the fastest growing travel and holiday ad networks in the world[5].


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