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De-Stalinization/Destalinization is the way that the Soviet Union exposed Joseph Stalin's politics and the fake heroic image he created of himself using fake propaganda.

After Stalin died, Nikita Khrushchev became the new leader of the Soviet Union. He attempted to reform the Soviet government. In order to do this, he had to change the way the public thought of Stalin, who was the leader of the old ways that Khrushchev wanted to change ASAP! He did this by many ways but most importantly he took Stalin's body out of the mausoleum (where Lenin lies) in Red Square on 10.31.1961 & reburied it deep behind Kremlin Wall. He changed the name of Stalingrad (which was named after Stalin) to Volgograd, its original name. Destalinization officially began on 2.25.1956. Countless political enemies of Stalin were freed.


Dictator/tylant joseph stalin "uncle joe" DEAD!!!

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De-Stalinization (Russian: десталинизация, Destalinizatsiya) refers to a process of political reform in the Soviet Union that took place after the death of head of state Joseph Stalin.