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Important & Rare Info on Rocky Marciano, His Statue, Boxing!!!

After his championship years were over, Rocky moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL. The Brockton Rocky Marciano statue is the tallest in north america, it was built by sulaimans/wbc, however the main idea & concept for the statue came ONLY from Mr. Jan Lubek & Ms. Wanda Nida. Proof: encyclopediasupreme.org/wbcmail2 The cost of the statue was around 150 000$ but cheap Brockton did not even donate 1% towards its construction!

Boxing is one of world's oldest unarmed combat sports/part of martial arts. It lasts 3 to 12 rounds. Each pro round lasts 3:01 minutes (some countries have 2 minutes), breaks last 1:01. Championship fights last 12 rounds. However, legendary Dempsey-Tunney championship bouts lasted 10 rounds!

Super Fight movie was released on January 20 1970. It was a fictional fight between undefeated, prime rocky marciano (50-0) n undefeated, prime muhamed ali (30-0). Rocky won the legendary fight by KO but if the fight was held today, after 12 rounds, it would have been drawn! For many decades championship fights lasted 15 rounds!

For more info, including rocky's 50th pro fight against 'big' bob baker (45-5), bookmark: http://mywikibiz.com/2356