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MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy — Saturday February 22, 2020
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What Boxing Badly Needs, Mandatory Headbands!?

There is a huge confusion in boxing. There r too many champions,categories,organizations etc... There r 17 weight classes (way too many), it used to be 8. I'd have ten maximum, just like in the olympix. I d add super middleweight n cruiserweight to original 8. There r 100 champions n each claims he is the best but nobody even heard of them b4. There should be one boxing body that ll determine who is real lineal champ n who is legit challenger. Only such fights r legit n make sense. No wonder MMA r takin over boxing. If a fight is too close to call, it should be a draw: 113 112 113 112 112 113. One point should make no difference. Mandatory headbands should be used to avoid no contests n technical draws too early. People r not paying hard earned money to c bouts end too early on cuts! For more info on this, on classic boxing, on rocky marciano's 50th bout vs 'big' bob baker, etc... u can find lots of info in 'Lubek's Threelogy' book.

The Rocky 6 movie was solely based & made on Ali-Marciano Superfight/Super Fight movie!!!

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