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Travelers Insurance

MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy — Saturday April 20, 2019
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Travelers Insurance will not write homeowners insurance for you if you own a pit bull or related dog. This ignorant policy simply propagates the myth that these are horrible dogs. In fact, anyone who has ever had such a dog knows they are incredibly affectionate, incredibly intelligent, loyal dogs. Unfortunately, residents of the inner city get pit bulls, torture them, beat them, and then stick them in their yards for guard duty. Any dog subjected to this would be fearful of human beings. Put the ghetto-gang-bangers in jail and torture them, but don’t punish the breeds of dogs.

You can send a message to Travelers by canceling your policy with them and telling them why, that you’re a dog lover. You can, when shopping for any kind of insurance, avoid Travelers until someone with brains changes their ignorant policy.