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Directory:Northwest Paranormal Research Team (NPRT)

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Northwest Paranormal Research Team
NPRT's Official 2009 Logo
Type [[Company_Type:=NPO|Non-Profit Organization]]
Founded 2004
Founder Johnathan Prescott
Headquarters #REDIRECT Template:Country data United Kingdom [[City:=St Helens|St. Helens, Merseyside]],

[[Country_Name:=United Kingdom|UK]]

Key people John Woodcock, Pastor
Mark Bailey, Associate Pastor
[[Key_Person3:=Gregory J. Kohs|Gregory J. Kohs]], Board
Kathryn West, Manager
Industry [[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Religious Organizations|Churches]]
Revenue Green Arrow Up.svgUS$250 thousand (2006)
Change in
Net assets

Red Arrow Down.svgUS$-20 thousand (2006)
Employees Straight Line Steady.svg 1 full-time, 4 part-time (2006)
Contact 1066 S. New Street
West Chester, PA  US  19382
[http://www.lovingshepherd.org www.lovingshepherd.org]
Reference Year End: December/31
NAICS: 81311
Entity: [[Entity_Type:=Corporation|Corporation]]
Latitude: 39°55′27.5″N
Longitude: 75°35′55.3″W

Name: Northwest Paranormal Research Team (NPRT)

Address: 14a Tennis Street City: St Helens State: Merseyside Zip: WA10 6SJ Country: United Kingdom Phone: 07716 007 932 Email: quereies@nprt.co.uk Web: http://www.nprt.co.uk Contact: Johnathan Prescott Title: Mr.

The Church of the Loving Shepherd is an ecumenical, community church, rooted in Christ's spirit of compassion, called into service, and committed to encourage each member's journey into God. The mission of the church is:

To provide at Bournelyf a democratic Christian fellowship of faith and acceptance whereby, through worship, education, and programmed ministries, members and the larger community find nurture and growth.

The church is located on a 19-acre farm property just south of West Chester, Pennsylvania. The services are conducted in a renovated 18th-century barn.[1] About 60 families attend services fairly regularly.

Annual Budget Presentation

The final draft of the proposed 2008 budget in PowerPoint format is found by clicking here.


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