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Idi Amin

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Idi Amin Dada (17 August 1925–16 August 2003) was a repressive dictator of the African country of Uganda. Idi Amin Dada was President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979. His reign was characterized by human rights abuses, political repression, sectarian violence, and ethnic persecution, in particular with the expulsion of Asians from Uganda and persecution of the Acholi people and Lango ethnic groups. Amin is famous for sending all Asians, mainly from India and Pakistan, out of Uganda. He threw them out because he believed they were taking the jobs of Ugandans. Many of the Asians that left Uganda came back after Amin was overthrown.

The death toll during Amin's regime probably will never be accurately known; estimates range from 80,000 to as high as 500,000. Amin styled himself His Excellency, President of Uganda, President for Life.

The President of Tanzania at the time, Julius Nyerere, invaded Uganda to save the country from Idi Amin.

Amin was a convert to Islam. He supported the cause of Palestine freedom. This caused the hijacking of an Air France flight that landed in Uganda.

He died in 2003 in Saudi Arabia from kidney failure, aged 77. He lived in Saudi Arabia after being thrown out of Uganda, he was barred from ever returning since he left. He died just one day before his 78th birthday.

He was put on life support on July 18, but when his organs began to fail (multiple organs failure), life support mechanism was disconnected by his family. He was buried without any memorial, ceremony or fanfare in a simple grave without a headstone. He & his family wanted him buried in Uganda, but the Ugandan government refused because of war crimes he committed there. They said he would have to stand trial for his war crimes. A 2006 movie, The Last King of Scotland is about Amin's government. Forest Whitaker won an Academy Award for best actor.

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Idi Amin buried just a few hours after his death