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Slogan The Original and Trusted source for Discounted HCG Supplies
Type Private Company
Founded 2007
Headquarters Virginia, USA
Industry Retail Trade
Products HCG Mixing Kits, HCG Syringes, HCG Needles, HCG Vials, Bacteriostatic Water, *NO HCG (medication)*
Contact PO Box: 1783
Dahlgren, VA 22448-1783
Web: HCGSupplies.com
Reference NAICS: 44-45, #

HCG Supplies is an e-commerce company located in Virginia, USA. It is the original and trusted source for discounted HCG Supplies, HCG Mixing Kits, HCG Injection Kits, HCG Vials, HCG Syringes, HCG Mixing Solvents, HCG Mixing Instructions, HCG Diet Information, HCG Shots, HCG Weight Loss, & the original HCG Diet Protocol by Dr. Simeons.

Although competitors have come and gone in the time HCG Supplies has been in business, HCG Supplies has persevered. HCG Supplies sets themselves apart by offering fast shipping, excellent customer service by phone and email, high quality supplies, flexible mixing kits, and more. [1]


HCG Supplies started business in 2007 to fill a need in the marketplace. At the time, Kevin Trudeau's book, The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You To Know About was gaining momentum, and dieters were having difficulty finding the supplies needed to complete the diet. HCG Supplies was created by a savvy entrepreneur and Kevin Trudeau supporter to meet the growing industry need for HCG Mixing Kits at affordable prices with fast shipping, and a centralized location to find information about the HCG Diet.


HCG Supplies offers all the items needed in order to mix and use HCG for the HCG Diet Protocol, except for the HCG (medication). Most customers find that one of their HCG Mixing Kits contain all the supplies one needs in order to complete a 23-day round or 43-day round of the HCG Diet. If a customer needs individual supplies, such as an extra HCG Vial or extra HCG Syringes, HCG Supplies offers these as well.

Product Links List

NOTE: HCG Supplies does NOT sell HCG in any form, or with any product! However, you may be able to purchase HCG from a separate company, which is what their customers typically do.

1. 23 Day Mixing Kit to be used with one-5,000 iu HCG
2. 43 Day Mixing Kit to be used with either two-5,000 or one-10,000 iu HCG
3. 23 Day Mixing Kit to be used with four-1,500 or three-2,000iu HCG
4. 43-Day Mixing Kit to be used with six-1,500 or five-2,000iu HCG
5. Sublingual Mixing Kits used for subligual (under-the-tongue) dosing
6. Bacteriostatic Water and a variety of Mixing Solvents
7. HCG Injection Syringes
8. HCG Mixing Syringes
9. HCG Accessories
10. Other Useful Items
11. Subligual Vitamin B-12 (OTC - No prescription needed)
12. Hardcover Book: Kevin Trudeau's Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About

HCG Diet Guide & HCG Diet Information

HCG Supplies included extensive support on their website for those wishing to do the HCG Diet on their own. They have a complete set of Mixing Instructions as well as Dr. Simeons original HCG Diet Protocol in PDF format for easy download or printing. HCG Supplies also provides an Easy Ordering Guide and a FAQ for their customers' convenience.

Customer Reviews

HCG Supplies works dilligently to maintain the highest standards in customer service. They post their customer testimonials on their website [2]


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