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Intimate Outcomes Coaching
Slogan Helping men to Explore, Embrace, and Express their sexual needs and desires
Type Private Company
Founded 2015
Founder Jennifer Stephan
Headquarters {{{location}}}
Contact jennifer@intimateoutcomescoaching.com

Intimate Outcomes Coaching provides coaching for men who want to Explore, Embrace, and Express their sexual needs and desires.

Intimacy and sexual awareness are not something that women alone struggle with. Very often men find themselves facing these issues and do so without someone to talk to, in a place that offers compassion, a healthy perspective and is non-judgmental.

Men in society are often expected to conform to a certain standard and therefore may feel a certain shame or lack of comfort with their own sexual preferences. This can lead to a lack of confidence, embarrassment, withdrawal and a lack of communication with their partner.

Finding your voice in a society that whispers behind closed doors about intimacy and sexuality can be daunting. What I provide is a safe, warm, non-judgmental environment to gain the confidence, skills and ability to have a fulfilling, intimate relationship with yourself as well as others. A place to safely explore your own personal beliefs about sex and sexuality.

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