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Slogan the email marketing specialist
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2001|2001]]
Headquarters Manchester, UK
Industry Marketing
Products evreports,evmessenger,evnewsletter
Contact 107 Timber Wharf
33 Worsley Street,
M15 4NU
Phone:+44 161 8172929
[http://www.extravision.com extravision website]
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extravision is an e-marketing specialist. We understand how and why it works. Our unique methodologies set us apart from mere technology providers and our levels of service are unparalleled in this fast growing marketing discipline.

We focus on the delivery of six core solutions, all available in three different service levels to match any need, any budget.


Like standard newsletters, e-newsletters provide an ideal platform for spreading the word. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, promote new product offerings, offer advice on industry developments or invite people to forthcoming events; e-newsletters are a perfect method of broadcast.

However, unlike standard newsletters, e-newsletters also provide the perfect method for listening and responding to the opinions of clients and prospects alike. Done properly, e-newsletters take the guesswork out of company communications enabling you to understand which articles were read, when they were read and by whom. You learn which subjects are of interest to your clients and which are not. Furthermore the tracking functionality helps you identify your readers’ key interest areas allowing you to ensure future mailings are relevant to them.

lead generation

Ever worked in sales? Ever had to make 50 calls a day trying to convince receptionists to put you through to decision makers and then if successful, convince decision makers not to hang up?

We have.

We know how difficult it is to cold call and we know how difficult it is to generate good leads. Consequently we devised a methodology and technology required to drastically reduce the need for cold calling, ensuring sales people spend the majority of their day responding to interested prospects. Now, using these techniques we manage campaigns for our clients delivering response rates as high as 46% and typically around 15%.

We realise this is a bold claim and many clients have doubted this in the past but been astonished when they see the results of their own campaigns.

event promotion

Organising any kind of event involves a lot more work than is ever realised or appreciated by those not tasked to do it. Over the years extravision has developed the techniques and technology to successfully promote and co-ordinate all types of events ranging from International conferences to corporate Christmas parties.

Obviously, the first challenge is to promote the event and ensure the right people are coming. The extravision system is perfectly suited to do this. However, that is just the start. Depending on the event it is vital you are in a position to monitor attendee numbers in real-time, deal with drop outs, forecast no shows, remind people nearer the time, and direct people to the event. Furthermore, many events require a way to co-ordinate dietary requirements, personal agendas for the day, personalised invites based on profile/geography... and, of course, to have all this information to hand.

extravision can advise on proven techniques used to promote events and our event promotion solution provides all the information required to co-ordinate a successful event.


Whether you call it a survey or a questionnaire the concept is the same and it is simple. Ask people what they think, aggregate their opinions and present the results in a clear and visual way. Simple.

In practice however many of our clients explain it is less simple when you are asking people to respond to your questions via telephone, post or fax. Especially when it comes to collating the data in a single manageable database and then trying to present it.

That is why we developed our existing technology to offer an online survey solution. Our system enables you to promote the survey via email enabling all participants to click through to a personalised copy of the survey, complete their answers and submit. All answers are automatically collated in a central database and then presented to you both in database format and as a series of visual charts and graphs.

No matter how you want your questionnaire to appear or how many questions you want included, we’ll create and host it and present the results back in a number of formats. It couldn’t be simpler.

microsites and websites

Information overload is a common problem with emails. Many people cram as much information as possible into their email campaigns without considering the impact this has on the recipient.

Of course this will work with some types of email communication but with the majority, people just won’t read it. The answer is simple, include the relevant points in a synopsis of the article and encourage readers to click through to the full article hosted on your website, or a site we can create and host for you.

This also allows you to monitor which articles they are reading and if the website is hosted by us you can see their complete journey through the website recording what they viewed and when. In addition you can personalise pages they visit or pre-populate forms with their details.

extravision offer this service to many clients ranging from large corporations where our clients are unable to update the company website themselves to smaller companies who don’t have the resource to make frequent web updates.


Is email always the most effective method of communication? We think so... well, providing the people you wish to contact have email ... and providing they access it regularly... and providing you don’t need them to get the message out of office hours...

Ok. Perhaps for certain industries and target audiences email isn’t always ideal. It took us a while to accept this, but once we did we introduced the mobile phone equivalent to our email marketing solution. It works in exactly the same way, but communicates via sms rather than email.

Many of our clients use it to provide last minute reminders or directions to events, or to deliver urgent news to people out of office hours.

Although newly converted to this medium we believe when used responsibly sms messaging can really complement existing marketing campaigns.


extravision was formed in 2001. We have since grown into one of the UK’s leading exponents of email marketing.

We have built our business by building other peoples. And that’s because we deliver low-cost, fast and measurable campaigns. Campaigns that produce high volumes of sales leads for our clients and ensure that events have high participation levels.

Our techniques and unique methods deliver results way ahead of conventional marketing techniques by keeping things simple.

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